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5 Reasons Why Counter-Offers are a Waste of Time

Posted on November 2019

woman looking pensive at a computer screen

The banking and finance sector in Germany is filled with skilled and talented employees who may face lucrative job offers from competitor companies, especially as the labour market evolves towards requiring more technical skills and knowledge.   

If one of those skilled workers hands in their notice of resignation, it seems like an obvious choice to extend a counter-offer to get them to remain in your employment. At first, this may look like a win-win - you avoid the long and costly recruitment process, and your employee enjoys an increased wage. However, counter-offers act only as a temporary fix, and it is likely that your employee will choose to leave within a year of accepting the counter-offer.  

This resource lists the reasons why counter-offers rarely offer a long-term solution for both you and the employee who wishes to exit.   

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