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Salary Survey Report 2024 – Europe

Posted on June 2024

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A comprehensive overview of salaries, compensation, and career motivations across Europe’s financial sciences & services industry.

As every aspect of the financial sciences & services industry continues to evolve, changing the way financial services are delivered, consumed, and regulated, having the very best talent in place is critical for firms to gain a competitive edge and achieve long-term success.

But to attract and retain the right people, compensation packages must stand out, and understanding how their compensation matches the rest of the market is equally as beneficial for professionals themselves.

To support both parties as a leading talent partner, Selby Jennings surveyed over 1,700 financial sciences & services professionals across Europe to uncover their current salaries, the benefits they receive, and which factors would cause them to leave their company and attract them to a new firm.

Some of the key findings in the report include:

  • 62% of professionals said their base salary increased over the past year

  • 28% said they received shares or equity as part of their benefits package

  • 85% said they had the flexibility to work remotely

Download the 2024 Selby Jennings Salary Survey Report today to access the full survey results, covering the following aspects of compensation and career motivations:

  • Base Salaries

  • Benefits

  • Annual Leave

  • Parental Leave

  • Flexible Working

  • Push and Pull Motivations

  • Sector-Specific Findings

Whether you are a hiring manager looking to optimize your compensation package, or an industry professional looking to benchmark your benefits against your peers, this exclusive report contains valuable data to support your strategic decision making.

Download the Salary Survey Report 2024 - Europe now: