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How to Look Beyond the CV to Find the Right Talent

Posted on November 2019

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Hiring within the banking and financial services sector in Germany requires pouring through piles of CVs which may not quite tick the full requirements you have for the role you are advertising. Instead of despairing, there is value in using hiring methods beyond reviewing resumes and find those candidates who hold potential to grow within a role and provide long-term value to your business.  

While candidates may not have the management experience you are seeking, there are ways to test candidates to find those with strong leadership skills which simply need honing. Another applicant may not hold the exact degree the role requires but holds a lot of knowledge and passion required to get ahead and adapt to a quick-changing landscape.  

This guide will show you the tips and tricks used by recruiters to make smart hires by looking beyond the formal CV and using methods which will uncover more about a candidate’s personality, attitudes and work ethic.  

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