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Hiring Business Critical Talent through video interview

Posted on March 2020

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​During the Covid-19 epidemic, many of us in Germany are grappling with a new reality. While some companies in the financial services sector are slowing down their hiring process, securing the best talent remains a high priority for a number of our clients. This demonstrates they are committed to ensuring that their businesses are affected as little as possible by Covid-19.

Our clients have been particularly keen to hear our advice and views on how best to conduct their interview processes going forward. Given we work with a number of organisations across various locations in Europe, we are in a fortunate position to see many different approaches.

The most notable change we have seen is that current interview processes are having to be altered as the ability to conduct face to face meetings is impacted. Whilst this may not be the ideal, the silver lining is that we as an industry, and society, are in the fortunate position to benefit from the excellent technology available to us via the likes of Skype, Facetime, and Webex to minimise disruption. So this is an opportune moment to use technology to your advantage and get ahead of the competition to secure business-critical talent.

As a hiring manager, using video calling software as part of your recruitment process may be new territory. Get started with this recently released guide on how employers can successfully hire through video interviews. Download now to discover:

  • Why you should use video interviews

  • How to protect your corporate reputation and successfully hire

  • The advantage of using video interviews to evaluate candidates

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