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Internal Controls Salary Guide 2024

Posted on June 2024

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​Put together by our market experts in Europe, the Selby Jennings internal controls salary guide assists professionals and hiring managers in understanding the current compensation structure for audit and operational risk specialists in the European financial hubs of Paris, Zurich, and Frankfurt.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional contemplating a change in your career path or a hiring manager trying to attract top talent, Selby Jennings can provide you with knowledge and expertise to help you make informed decisions in Europe’s fast-paced and competitive financial sciences and services industry.

This guide includes salary and bonus benchmarks for the following functions across the European hotspots Frankfurt, Zurich, and Paris, broken down by role and years of experience:

  • Internal Audit

  • Business Continuity Management

  • Operational Risk

​Download the Internal Controls Salary Guide now:

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